5 Presentation Class Secrets to Eliminate Nervousness

Tips & tricks for one of the biggest fear among presenters

5 Presentation Class Secrets to Eliminate Nervousness

Postby look4dennis » Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:35 pm

Have you tried avoiding a career opportunity just because it needed you to speak of a large crowd? Did you ever dream of talking to a group to share something but backed off simply because you hated to speak in public?

Well, you are not alone with this predicament. There are so many people from different walks of life are hindered from achieving their maximum potential because of their fear speaking in public. When you allow your phobia to eat you up, you will forgo a lot of business opportunities as well as your self-confidence.

To help you stop this dilemma, consider these 5 secrets on how to eliminate your fear of speaking in public.

• Try to contemplate about the things that stimulate your fear. What are these factors that can trigger you to feel anxious and stressed? Is your past experiences? You need to realize that whatever occurred in the past will no longer happen today. Gathering your new experiences, you are now changed into a new and better individual. You also need to need accept comments from other people. Internalize all the opinions of your listeners since these are the things that will help you become a better public speaker.

• Do not avoid your fear. Learn to face it. This is the best way to solve your problem. Seek for and welcome all opportunities on public presentations. Begin with non-threatening chances like your kid's school meeting or extra curricular activities outside your work. This will help you improve your skill in communication, particularly in public speaking.

• Imagine your success in public speaking. Spare some time a day before you talk to visualize your successful presentation and how you will feel while you are in front of your listeners. If you can not see these things, you will definitely become a sore loser. Normally, successful presentations are the product of exerting more time in imagining the result of such event.

• Learn to master your piece. Devote your time to practice what you need to do. Rehearse your piece until you have done it perfectly. Prepare for possible problems like not being able to open your modules, so how do you go about the presentation? Anticipate some questions from your panel and how to answer them confidently. Things like these will aid in boosting your self-esteem which is the basic requirement to effective public speaking.

• Set your mind on what you will do in front of the crowd. Condition yourself that on that day you will be talking to a large crowd. Contemplate on that matter. And practice to think positive about the situation. Do not entertain negative thoughts regarding the possible embarrassment that you can get when you mess up in front of them. This will only degrade yourself which can trigger your fear of speaking in public.

Now that you have learned the 5 top secrets on how to eliminate your fear of speaking in public, go out and start to practice them. Once you have successfully mastered these steps you will realize that you can be a better and effective public speaker. And more and more career opportunities will come your way.
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